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Edward Garner Jr.
P.O. Box 155
Fletcher, NC 28732

Phone: (704) 621-6167
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Edward Garner, Mediator




Hello and welcome!  I'm Edward Garner, Jr., and I am a full-time professional mediator.  Since you are here at this site, you must be  looking for a mediator.  I can help. 

As a retired Deputy Commissioner with the North Carolina Industrial Commission with twenty-eight (28) years of experience in resolving disputes and fifteen (15) years of experience in the field of workers' compensation,  I have heard and resolved all types of workers compensation claims, including torts, injuries by accident and complicated occupational disease cases.

While at the Commission, I heard and resolved in excess of 2500 cases.  Furthermore, I supervised large blocks of asbestos cases, including Dayco Corporation, Texas Gulf Corporation, Hoechst Celanese Corporation and Weyerhaeuser Company, all of which resulted in settlements.

                I now travel the state of North Carolina assisting parties in voluntarily resolving legal disputes prior to litigation.  I am certified by the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts to mediate simple and complex civil cases involving personal injury, property disputes, contracts, employment matters, business controversies and workers' compensation cases.  I am also available as a consultant in North Carolina workers' compensation matters.

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