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Edward Garner Jr.
P.O. Box 155
Fletcher, NC 28732

Phone: (704) 621-6167
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****    Mediation Style    ****

I believe that most people prefer to participate in decisions that affect them, and very few people will accept decisions dictated by someone else.  That is why I strive to get the parties interested and involved in settling their own cases by focusing on the merits of the issues. 

I work very hard to guide the parties in remaining focused on the issues rather than through a haggling process focused on what each side says it will or will not do.  I encourage the parties to look for mutual gains whenever possible, and where interests conflict, I recommend that the results be based on some fair standard independent of the will of either side.

As a former Deputy Commissioner, I can assist the parties in calculating their probable and maximum recovery and/or exposure in the event their cases do not settle and proceed to an Industrial Commission hearing.

I thoroughly understand the personal aspect of mediation.  Therefore, I use a style that is hard on the merits and soft on the people.  I employ no tricks and no posturing.  I work diligently to have the parties focus on how to obtain what they are entitled to and still remain decent.  My style of mediating enables the parties to be fair, and neither party takes advantage of the other.  My ultimate goal in mediation is to reach a solution carefully crafted to meet the legitimate interests and underlying concerns of the parties.  My method of focusing on basic interests, mutually satisfying options, and fair standards typically results in a mutually beneficial settlement.

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